Aya Shimohara

Aya Shimohara / アーティスト・イラストレーター

1986年生まれ。 アパレル業界でデザイナー・企画として勤務したのち、2017年よりフリーランスのアーティスト/イラストレーターとして独立。
一見ポップでカワイイ文化を彷彿とさせるカラーではあるが、描くテーマは 非常に辛辣であり、そこに大きなコントラストを狙っている。

Aya Shimohara / Illustrator, Artist

Born in 1986.
Aya Shimohara has worked for apparel as a designer and planner and has been independent as a freelance artist and illustrator since 2017.
Until now, she has been actively exhibiting in various countries.
Her production is mainly about characteristic portraits on the theme of “antithesis, “ “irony,” and “incongruity.”
Her activities take place in New York, London, Sydney, Taiwan, and such.
Her artwork looks pop and cute because of the colors. However,
her theme is severe and trying to make a huge contrast.